Sunday, August 15, 2004

This and That

God bless 'em, but male porn stars are totally fucked up. A lesbian friend recommended the work of Jeff Stryker to me, so I downloaded a couple clips of his off of Limewire. Now, I know we don't pay--or in my case, not pay--for porn for the dialogue, but Stryker's unscripted sexual asides are kind of unnerving. It's as if in the act of committing various sexual acts he's trying to dissociate not only from what's happening at the moment but even from his own anatomy, and the anatomy of the person he's with.

(Note: Dirty words have been excised in the interest of avoiding total overkill.)

You like that don’t you. See it is the biggest around, you heard right. Good. Suck that. Work with that big. Yeah. Oh yeah. Go down on it, yeah harder, yeah, work with that, yeah. Yeah, you like that big, it is the biggest, you heard right. Yeah, lick the sides, lick the sides. Now suck on that while you jack it. Yeah, work with that. Play with those. Go down on that. Yeah take that all in your mouth. Yeah work with that big. Yeah suck on that. Yeah take it all in your mouth. Suck on that, yeah. Go all the way down on it. Yeah. Take all that big. Put it all in your mouth. Yeah. Pants off. Get on your back. Gonna you in the mouth. Oooh. Aww, that mouth feels so good. You like me you in the mouth. Oh yeah, suck that. Take it all. I’m you in the mouth. You like that big in your mouth, don’t you. Aw yeah, lick that, yeah, stick your tongue up that. Aw yeah, lick that. Yeah, stick your tongue all the way up that. Aw yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Aw.

Get up against that can. C’mon. Get up against that. Bend over. Yeah, get down, spread that I’m gonna that pretty little. Bend over. I’m gone give you that two cartons worth. Aw yeah that tight. You can take that big up that. Loosen that up, let that in. You want me to ram that in? You want me to ram this in that. I like it tight, tighten that. You like this big. Tighten it. Tighten it! Tighten that!

I never thought the definite article could be made to sound so...dirty.


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