Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Thank Goddess

I don't claim this ridiculous piece of archaic, p.c. crap is really indicative of anything in particular. I don't think people like this pose any real threat to anyone but themselves. This little sample of overeducated, hypersensitive-feminist insularity is evidence of nothing but the...hypersensitivity and insularity of a small group of--probably very young--feminists.

But, really, come the fuck on!

"Dear oob and Constance Reeder: I was pleased to see that you had an intelligent article about 'The L Word,' and I was even more pleased that I completely agree with your take on it. However, I was greatly disappointed with your use of the word "lame," along with many other "L" words to describe how horrible the show is. I was surprised to see "lame" being used in such a negative way, since I had read your past two issues devoted to Women with Disabilities and know that you understand why "lame" is so offensive and problematic when used."

Editors' note:

"You are absolutely right in everything you said. We should never have used the word--it was included by error. We were brainstorming negative words beginning with the letter L when it came up, but we immediately agreed that it was ableist and offensive and we thought it had been deleted. Unfortunately, it was missed in proof-reading. It was in no way the fault of responsibility of the author of the article.

"Please accept our heartfelt apology for this offensive and hurtful error, and thank you for taking the time to point it out. You are right that we should have known better and, in fact, we did know better, but we erred in such a way that we failed to live up to our own standards."

--the off our backs collective

What? Where's her free lifetime subscription to Off Our Backs? This collective is obviously far too easy on itself. It is a relief to know that they "immediately" agreed it was offensive, though; and that, "in fact," they did "know better." For Goddess' sake, what were they thinking?

This was taken from the letters section of the May-June issue of Off Our Backs.


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